Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Re-Inventing Myself

Id really like a crit from you guys on some stuff ive been working on, a whole new look. I've developed a new method of doing things and I want to know what you all think from an artistic/illustrative point of view, not so much subject matter.

most of these are a bit unrefined as they are still sketches, but the overall feel of what a final would look like in this method shows up

my question is would you all like to see me pursue finalized illustration in this manner

im pretty excited about them and i think theres a ton of potential here

plus then I could just work strait digitally

please let me know


Matteo said...

Wow, ALL digital? The ones in the middle look proper like graphite sketches... What kind of program and technique are u using, mate?

It's brilliant!

PhiL said...

thats a secret Matteo =P, lol, j/k its a brush I use in photoshop, most of these are one layer or just a few, i think it gives things a nice dream like quality

Will Samatis said...

I'd be interested in seeing you take these to the next level of polish, specifically the colored ones - they do look great.

I started following you recently when I stumbled across your blog, as I really enjoy your work and it reminds me of similar things I'm aspiring to myself as an artist.

Keep it up!

PhiL said...

Thanks for saying so will. I took a look at your blog, you've got some nice gesture work and I can see potential. Just keep at it, I didn't get to where I'm at over night, it took a lot of work, but If you've got real fire in your heart, you can do great things =)