Monday, April 23, 2012

Naughty Doodle

Just a naughty doodle.

Ink Correct

So I've been doing this really cool project for a company called Ink Correct (  They make all sorts of bartender gear.  One in particular is bottle openers which I did a few designs for based on cultural drinking girls. We have Japanese sake, Irish whiskey, and French wine.  These will be available to buy soon enough.

Concept Malarkey

So I just started playing this sick game over the weekend called Brawl Busters. Sort of has a team fortress feel to it but what I like most about it is the costume and characters designs and how the "feel".  I decided to do a few myself.  I'll probably do a few more too.

New Look

You'll Notice a slight change to my blogger layout.  It was in need of a revamp.

Computer Problems

Hey guys.  Not sure why but for a while, Blogger wasn't letting me sign in.  Go Figure.  Anyway, heres some new stuff.