Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well well well, it would appear that all my hard work has payed off because my good friend at Marvel (yes THE Marvel, Marvel Entertainment) has passed my stuff on to a talent director. He offered me the chance to do a 6 page test script for them to showcase my skills drawing their characters in an actual Marvel Comic "Runaways" XD XD XD

Need less to say, I am ecstatic! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Alright, composing myself now....
Okay, so step 1
Familiarize myself with how im gona draw these characters. I managed to get the four main characters sketched out today, and I'm liking the look i made for them.

1 Nico Minoru- a daughter of dark wizards, so a witch character essentially
2. Gertrude Yorkes- her parents were time travelers and she has a pet velociraptor
3. Karolina Dean - parents were aliens, making her an energy being type character
4. Molly Hayes- Mutant, super duper strong little girl

I can't wait to get this off the ground, this is sooo aswesome! =D

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